Well, this is very small post about filters, especially polarized. I never thought, that this small thing can turn my life to a nightmare.

The story is… I have (already had) 3 polarized filters of different cost, all 77mm — — Tiffen (50$), Vivitar (25$), Zeicos (12$) — which match to most of professional Canon lenses . That is why I always switched it without thought of what I was putting on the lens.

Tiffen filter-7 vivitar filter-5 Zeikos filter

But one day I noticed, that all my imagery taken is blurred. ALLL SHOTS!!!! Excuse me, but I couldn’t expect this result from Canon 5d Mark II with 70-200mm II L lens. Shocked!

Finally, I found out, that the filter DOES matter. And pretty much!

Look at the difference.

tiffen test2 copy Vivitar test copy zeikos test coy

It is not motion blur, it’s what polarized filter does. Tiffen gave normal result, Zeikos a bit worse and Vivitar is outsider.

Filter DOES matter!!

Bare in mind and happy working.